Tokenomics Draft

Tokenomics Draft

idSign is a decentralized e-signature & identity protocol revolutionizing digital trust by abstracting signatures into tamper-proof, immutable records on the blockchain, and transforming KYC from a recurring hurdle into a reusable one-time process, addressing the acute needs of governments and large corporations for stringent data privacy.

The $IDSIGN token is central to our ecosystem, offering users enhanced features, subscription upgrades, and cost savings. This document outlines the tokenomics of $IDSIGN, detailing its allocation, utility, and vesting schedules to ensure long-term sustainability and growth.

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1. Supply and Allocation

  • Total Supply: 100 million $IDSIGN tokens, with no possibility for minting additional tokens.
  • Allocation:
    • Investors: 20% (20 million $IDSIGN)
      • Private Pre-Sale Round: 10 million $IDSIGN at a $20 million valuation ($0.2/token)
      • Other Strategic Rounds: 5 million $IDSIGN at a $__ million valuation ($0.__/token)
      • Post-Launch Round: 5 million $IDSIGN at a $__ million valuation ($0.__/token)
    • Team and Advisors: 20% (20 million $IDSIGN)
    • Market Liquidity & Exchanges: 60% (60 million $IDSIGN)

2. Token Launch Strategy

  • A pre-sale will offer early supporters a chance to buy $IDSIGN at a discounted rate, with a defined cap to ensure wide distribution.
  • The public sale will follow, establishing initial market liquidity and valuation for $IDSIGN.
  • $IDSIGN aims to be listed on Tier1 exchanges to ensure accessibility and liquidity for a broad audience.

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3. Vesting Schedules

  • Team: 24-month vesting with a 6-month cliff, aligning long-term interests.
  • Investors: 18-month vesting with a 3-month cliff, recognizing their contribution to project development and strategy.

4. Technical Specifications

  • Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
  • Token Standard: ERC-20, ensuring interoperability and security.

5. Token Utility

  • Pro Subscription Unlock: Staking 100+ $IDSIGN tokens unlocks the Pro subscription model with advanced features.
  • Commission Discounts: Tokens entitle users to discounts on the 5% escrow payment fee, scaled by the amount of $IDSIGN held.

6. Project Roadmap

Our platform leverages the decentralized nature of blockchain technology to reduce risk, protect privacy, and solidifies authenticity. Storing and sharing the documents in a zero-knowlege and private way is our core focus at idSign. No one, not even us will have access to the files uploaded except the creator and the parties they shared it with. We achieve this using a new technology we developed leveraging MPC technology and Decentralized Key Management to successfully Token Gate access control rules of the files on the MPC blockchain instead of a centralized API like most projects do!

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A. Decentralized e-Signature Protocol (Dynamic on-chain SBT Proof-of-Signature)

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B. TRUE Decentralized Token-Gating using MPC Key Management System

A New system we are building that leverages Multi-Party Computation Blockchain and ZK-SmartContracts to create Access Control Lists on the uploaded files and share access of the encryption key Through the MPC blockchain. Files will be Stored on a Decentralized storage and only be accessible by the owner and parties they share it with. Even idSign employees can Never decrypt user files.

C. Social Logins & Sponsored Free Transactions

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D. On-Chain Reusable Identity (Dynamic on chain SBT KYC)


Milestone Alpha v0.1.x ✅

  • Frontend: Landing Page + Blogs
  • DApp: Wallet Login and Magic Email Wallet generation (for onboarding web2 users easily)
  • DApp: Dashboard structure
  • DApp: Create agreement & Send Signature Requests
  • Smart-Contract: DDSP (Decentralized Digital Signature Protocol) for Proof-Of-Signature (On-Chain Dynamic Non-Transferable NFT)
  • API: Encrypted Zero-Knowledge Decentralized Document Storage for Agreement PDFs

Milestone Alpha v0.2.x 🔁

  • Smart-Contract: Testing & Auditing D.D.S.P smart-contract
  • DApp: Signature Page (Token-Gated Access)
  • Proof of Humanity KYC Token
  • Full KYC process
  • Reusable KYC

Milestone Beta v0.3.x 🕘

  • Decentralized Escrow Payment Protocol (Proof of Funds Escrowed) for adding a Payment Provider on top of DDSP Agreement
  • API: Adding Mediator (Lawyer, Middleman, Inspector) to Validate that the terms of an agreement has been met and release funds
  • Pay in StableCoins (USDC, USDT, BUSD, DAI) or BinancePay

Future Plans 🚀

  • A.I. Mediation: We plan to add A.I. integrations to help users create templates, explain agreements and give recommendations on mediation.
  • Team Business Plans: We plan to add support for Teams in a web3-native way using multi-sig wallets. This will allow businesses to add their employees to the dashboard and perform actions on their behalf while still insuring security and authorization signatures from multiple Executives in the company before approving any action.
  • Smart Agreements: We plan to add support for “Smart” Agreements that allows users to create functional scripts and flows that will be automatically invoked on-chain. This will improve trust even more and might help eliminate scam projects and protect investors. An example would be for an ICO project to create a SmartAgreement that will launch a private sale then after a specified set time automatically generate the Token, add liquidity and distribute allocations giving the project’s investors a real trustless experience of the project’s roadmap!
  • Decentralized Escrow Payments
  • Web3-native Subscription Plans for Teams (using multi-sig account abstraction smart wallets)
  • A.I. Tools and Templates
  • Apps and Plugins Integrations Marketplace (Hubspot, Google workspace, Microsoft, etc.)
  • Login with idsign SDKs and APIs

7. Market Analysis

  • Target Audience: Our target market goes beyond web3 and into various sectors such as traditional finance and other business. We believe that our platform is the first real-world utility of web3 that can be used as a SAAS model by anyone! Our platform leverages the decentralized nature of blockchain technology to reduce risk, protect privacy, and solidifies authenticity.

  • Market Need: There is a significant shift in market demand towards decentralized and trustless solutions for signatures and KYC processes. The shortcomings of centralized systems, such as lack of transparency, data breaches, and limited user control, have highlighted the need for a more secure and reliable approach. As businesses and individuals become more aware of these challenges, the demand for decentralized and trustless alternatives, like idSign continues to rise.

    • Multiple sources and research studies indicate a promising market potential for decentralized signature and KYC solutions:
      • According to a report by “MarketsandMarkets”, the global digital signature market is expected to reach USD 14.1 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 31.0% during the forecast period.
      • The increasing adoption of blockchain technology across industries further validates the market potential. A report by Grand View Research suggests that the global blockchain technology market is projected to reach USD 72.1 billion by 2027, with multiple sectors, including finance and legal, embracing its potential.
      • The KYC market is also witnessing significant growth. Research by Verified Market Research indicates that the global KYC software market size is expected to reach USD 2.39 billion by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 17.3% from 2021 to 2028.
  • Competitive Analysis: The signature and KYC market consists of both centralized and decentralized solutions. Some prominent players in the market include traditional platforms like DocuSign, HelloSign, and Adobe Sign, which offer centralized signature services. On the other hand, decentralized solutions such as Uport and SelfKey provide decentralized identity verification services. idSign differentiates itself from competitors by offering a comprehensive solution that combines decentralized signature protocol and decentralized KYC features. Here are the key advantages and unique features of idSign:

    • On-chain Proof-of-Signature
    • Private Document Storage
    • Reusable KYC Tokens
    • Decentralized Escrow Payments
    • Trustless Zero-Knowledge Solution
  • User Acquisition Strategy: To attract users and clients, idSign will employ a comprehensive go-to-market strategy that combines targeted marketing efforts and a proactive sales approach. The key components of the strategy include:

    1. Market Segmentation: idSign will conduct extensive market research to identify target industries and customer segments that can benefit the most from decentralized signature and KYC solutions. This will enable focused marketing efforts tailored to specific needs and pain points.
    2. Branding and Positioning: A strong brand image will be developed, emphasizing the core values of reliability, security, and trustlessness. idSign will position itself as a pioneer in the decentralized signature and KYC market, highlighting its unique features, such as on-chain proof-of-signature, encrypted document storage, and reusable KYC tokens.
    3. Thought Leadership and Content Marketing: idSign will establish itself as an industry thought leader by creating high-quality content, such as blog posts, whitepapers, and case studies. This content will educate the target audience about the benefits of decentralized signature and KYC solutions and showcase idSign as an authority in the field.
    4. Online Presence and SEO: A robust online presence will be developed, including a user-friendly website optimized for search engines. This will enable potential users and clients to easily discover and learn about idSign. Search engine optimization (SEO) techniques will be employed to increase organic visibility and drive targeted traffic to the website.
    5. Partnerships and Integrations: idSign will forge strategic partnerships with complementary service providers and platforms, such as blockchain networks, document management systems, and identity verification services. These partnerships will help expand the reach and integration capabilities of idSign while offering added value to clients.
    6. Customer Referral Program: A customer referral program will be implemented to incentivize existing users to refer new customers to idSign. This program will provide rewards or discounts to users who successfully refer new clients, fostering word-of-mouth marketing and building a loyal user base.

8. SAAS Model & Escrow Revenue Model Financials

Profit & Loss StatementYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5
Total Revenues877,600.002,053,584.003,982,197.767,145,124.3312,332,323.90
Cost of goods sold (COGS)(35,000.00)(57,400.00)(94,136.00)(154,383.04)(253,188.19)
Gross profit842,600.001,996,184.003,888,061.766,990,741.2912,079,135.71
Operating Expenses(368,000.00)(386,400.00)(405,720.00)(426,006.00)(447,306.30)
Earning before Taxes (EBT)42,600.001,156,184.003,006,061.766,064,641.2911,106,730.71
Taxes (0%)
Net Profit42,600.001,156,184.003,006,061.766,064,641.2911,106,730.71

(full financials available on demand)

9. FAQs

  1. Differentiation:

    Q: DocuSign is a well-established player in the market. What differentiates idSign from DocuSign and other competitors? What's the unique value proposition?

    A: idSign offers a unique immutable on-chain proofs that not only captures signatures but also acts as real digital-proof of the signer, ensuring a higher level of privacy and security due to our decentralized Zero-Knowledge Storage with token-gated access to agreements. Additionally, our platform integrates seamlessly with a broader range of third-party applications compared to our competitors allowing users to re-use their identity KYC.

  2. Go-to-Market Strategy:

    Q: How do you plan to capture 10% of DocuSign's client base? What's the strategy in place to achieve this?

    A: We plan to leverage the founders' existing connections in the industry to establish partnerships and integrations. Additionally, we'll be offering a limited-time discounted rate for early adopters, incentivizing them to switch from competitors like DocuSign.

  3. Product Development:

    Q: What stage is the product currently in? Do you have a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)? Any traction or feedback from potential users?

    A: We have a functional MVP for our protocol that has been tested. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive from partnerships Skale, Partisia, Alchemy, Polygon and Ethereum Foundation.

  4. Churn Rate and Customer Acquisition:

    Q: In the SaaS model, customer acquisition cost (CAC) and churn rate are critical metrics. Do you have projections or strategies in place to manage these?

    A: We project a churn rate of 5% in the first year, which we aim to reduce to 3% by the third year through continuous product improvements and customer support. Our estimated customer acquisition cost (CAC) is $50, with a lifetime value (LTV) of $600, giving us a healthy LTV:CAC ratio.

10. Conclusion

IDSign is set to revolutionize the way we think about digital signatures, identity verification, and escrow services by leveraging blockchain technology. The $IDSIGN tokenomics are designed to support this vision by incentivizing participation, ensuring platform growth, and aligning the interests of all stakeholders.

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