idSign Branding

Vision Statement:

Empowering a seamless, secure, and efficient future for signature and KYC processes in the global landscape of enterprises and governments.

Mission Statement:

To revolutionize signature and identity verification processes by leveraging cutting-edge blockchain technology, ensuring utmost privacy, security, and efficiency.

Brand Promise:

idsign pledges to deliver a seamless and trustless platform for signatures and KYC processes, assuring robust security, ultimate privacy, and an enhanced user experience. Our commitment extends to enterprises and governments, ensuring the facilitation of their operations, transparency in transactions, and safeguarding of sensitive information.


idsign is positioned as an innovative and futuristic solution for the ever-evolving world of digital signatures and KYC processes. Rooted in blockchain technology, idsign stands as a symbol of security and trust in the digital realm. Our commitment to our users - be it enterprises, government agencies or individuals - is to provide a decentralized, efficient and secure environment that aligns with their needs and propels them into the future of digital transactions.


  • The idsign logo will represent the values of security, reliability, and futurism. It should encompass elements of signatures and blockchain symbols, resonating with the core service offering of idsign.
  • It will be versatile, able to be used on a variety of backgrounds and mediums.

Color Palette:

  • DarkBlueBG(#051226): This color will serve as the primary background color across platforms, instilling a sense of depth, trust, and professionalism.
  • BlueText(#4077EE): To be used primarily for headings, important text and call-to-actions, this vibrant blue will emphasize innovation, clarity, and reliability.
  • GrayText(#394A64): This color will be used for body text, secondary information and non-emphasized elements, offering a sense of sophistication and balance.
  • WhiteGrayText(#A4B0C0): This will be used sparingly for hints, placeholders, and help text, maintaining a clear, clean, and futuristic aesthetic.
  • White(#FFFFFF): Reserved for important text on dark backgrounds, accents, and whitespace, providing contrast, readability, and space.
  • Black(#000000): Used for typography on light backgrounds, icons, and secondary elements, black will provide a striking contrast and clarity.


  • The brand typography should resonate with our ethos of security and innovation. It should be modern, clean, and easy-to-read, while still retaining a distinctive personality.


  • Imagery used across platforms should evoke a sense of the future, security, and innovation. It should communicate our focus on blockchain technology, privacy, and the digital world.

Tone of Voice:

  • The idsign tone of voice will be professional, confident, and reassuring. We are experts in our field, and our communication should reflect our knowledge and commitment to our users' security and success.


idsign is more than just a product; it's a step into the future of digital transactions. Our brand reflects our commitment to security, efficiency, and trust. Each aspect, from our color palette to our tone of voice, underlines our role as a trustworthy, innovative, and reliable partner for enterprises and governments worldwide.